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Dry Stone Walling in Chippenham

Brick and Stone Construction is a small independent company with 35 years’ experience in dry stone walling, brick laying and stone masonry. Brick and Stone covers a large area from North Somerset, North Wiltshire and the Cotswolds.

Our services include:

  • Stone walling
  • Dry stone walling
  • Repointing using lime mortar
  • Small extensions
  • Landscaping and garden projects
  • Restoration and conservation work
  • Brickwork

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Dry Stone Walling in Chippenham
Dry Stone Waller in Chippenham

Traditional dry stone walling is an ancient method of construction that involves the careful stacking of stones without the use of mortar or any other binding material. This technique has been employed for centuries in England, particularly in Wiltshire and the Cotswold where stone resources are abundant.

As dry stone wallers, we meticulously select, dress and arrange stones to form a sturdy and durable wall. Each stone is placed strategically, interlocking with neighboring stones to create stability and strength. 

Dry stone walls serve numerous purposes, including land delineation and livestock enclosures. They blend harmoniously with the natural landscape, often becoming integral parts of South West’s rural scenery.

The construction of dry stone walls requires patience, skill, and a deep understanding of the materials. Craftsmanship is passed down through generations, with techniques refined over time. Though time-consuming and labor-intensive, the resulting structures last for generations, showcasing the beauty and resilience of this timeless craft. 

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Dry Stone Walling

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